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About us

I used to think of myself as a wedding photographer but somewhere along the road I realized that for some, maybe even most people, a wedding is really only the beginning .  There are memories and milestones happening all the time.  So rather than saying I specialize in weddings in some swank tone...I'm just saying, I'm in for the long haul... the life stories. ~ Andrea

LETS. BE. HONEST. Life is messy. But, when I’m behind a camera all that fades away. The beauty, the honesty, the happiness; forever freezing it in time brings a smile to my soul.  I absolutely love working with people and helping them capture the same beauty, honesty and happiness that i see in their stories. ~ Mindy

We can't tell you what it is that makes us the right choice for you and your memories but we can tell you this. We are happy, off-beat, easy-going, whimsical,  almost fearless and definitely fun. We like thinking outside the box, coming up with ways to keep this adventure fun for all...and show off each client's uniqueness.  Our biggest priority is making sure anyone...nope, wait... everyone we photograph feels kick ass and amazing...that's how we are gonna make the magic together.  

Let's get a cup of something hot or a glass of something cold and you can check it all  out... we'll buy!


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